PUZZLE PIECES: UIL releases realignment cutoff numbers

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AUSTIN – Revealing the first pieces to the puzzle that will culminate in February, the University Interscholastic League (UIL) released its cutoff numbers for reclassification and realignment for the 2020-22 school years yesterday. And after analyzing schools in the 10-county Heart of Texas region, The Sports Buzz has determined that considerable movement should be expected.

The snapshot enrollment numbers sent in by schools in October determined their classification and district alignments for the next two years of academic and athletic extra-curricular activities governed by the UIL. The 2020-22 alignments will be released Feb. 3 for basketball, football and volleyball. District alignments for other activities will be released in the order of their seasons.

Heart of Texas region schools on the move will be Rio Vista (438) moving up to Class 3A, Division I while Tolar (222) will drop down to Class 2A, DI out of District 6-3A, DII. In District 8-3A, DII, Hamilton (215.5) will be dropping back down to Class 2A, DI after a two-year stint at the higher classification. Likewise, Lorena (505) will move down to Class 3A, DI after playing in District 8-4A, DII for the last two years.

From District 7-2A, DI, Hico (145) will drop down to Class 2A, DII, while Riesel (242.5) moves up to Class 3A, DII. Interestingly, Hubbard (103) will have the choice to remain in Class 2A, DII or move down to play six-man football in Class 1A, DI. And speaking of six-man football, Bynum (63) will move out of District 12-1A, DII and up to Class 1A, DI.

While many of the area schools were not impacted directly by being reclassified, most of them could see dramatic changes in their district alignments due to the shifting surrounding landscape. After the last two realignments gave Clifton High School two completely different sets of district opponents in District 8-3A, DII, the Cubs could get hit with that scenario once again.

“As with any year for us, we are in a unique geographical situation where we could go any direction,” Clifton athletic director and head football coach Chuck Caniford said. “There has been a lot of movement in our general area that could impact where we go.

“It will be interesting to be how it shakes out, but our attitude will remain the same. We will play who they tell us to play and try to win another district championship.”

For the complete cutoff breakdown, visit the UIL website here:


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