Capturing The Moment

There’s an old picture of me from high school, junior year I believe, and I’m in the crowd of a pep rally with a camera in hand. I was placed in Yearbook that year. It was the first time I ever picked up a camera, and I know it was then that I fell in love. It would be another five years before I purchase my own camera, and I haven’t put it down since.  

Honestly, I love all photography honestly. But there’s something about the thrill of capturing action shots that has had me hooked since day one. There is nothing like being on the sidelines to capture the running back cut through the defense finding room to run or the defense making the tackle for loss on a critical third down play. In baseball, it’s the diving play to catch the line drive for the third out or the tying run when you’re down by one in the seventh inning.

But what adds to the thrill that makes it all worth it? It’s capturing all the hard work that’s put in at practice. I was in their shoes once, and I remember all the hours put into bettering yourself at practice. Now being a part of the community where I grew up and getting to capture it for these student athletes makes it all that much sweeter.