Meet The Polar Cub Photog

Why do I stand on the sidelines or in the dugout taking photos?  I’ve never really thought about it until now.  I guess it goes back to over 50 years ago when I played football in high school. There was no one there taking pictures. And now, that is all just forgotten history.

I started taking pictures of my daughter in dance & gymnastics recitals and competitions. It continued when she gave me 2 wonderful grandsons that love sports. And that connected me to so many other great young people.

You see, I don’t see myself as a photographer. I see myself as a recorder of history. Hopefully that will allow a lot of fine young people and their families to have their history available for many years to come.

But no matter what others may do with it, I get more enjoyment from it than money could ever buy.  It has provided me an opportunity to make friends and family of so many fine people, both young and old. For me, it just can’t get any better than that!