Finally, frustration sets in for Jerry’s World of hopes

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It’s hard to know what to prescribe for someone suffering from an acute case of Dallas Cowboy Football, or in other words, D.C.F. — Disappointment, Chagrin and Frustration.

And after displaying a remarkable immunity to the affliction, Dallas Cowboy owner and general manager Jerry Jones appears to be finally reaching a breaking point as his long-term exposure to the malady apparently has weakened his resistance with its debilitating effects.

Unable to get started early, an inability to tackle at times, questionable execution on offense, nonsensical special teams, and flat out poor coaching decisions cost the anemic Cowboys yet another chance to show they can not only compete but defeat the NFL’s best when Dallas stumbled and slipped to an ugly 13-9 loss to the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots Sunday afternoon in the pouring rain and howling wind at Foxboro’s Gillette Stadium.

“It is a significant setback for our team,” Jones told reporters after the game, according to the Dallas Morning-News. “We needed this win. We needed to win against an opponent like this. We haven’t had them and, consequently, we are very aware of that and so we dig a hole that we really got a challenge as we look at the rest of the schedule.

“We had opportunity here to do some things against a really outstanding organization, a really outstanding team in a rough situation. And we just didn’t get there. That’s disappointing, and I’m reflecting it. I don’t think there’s a game that a coaching staff couldn’t do better in. I just don’t like that we’ve got so many issues as I’m standing here.”

Ouch. It has to be painful to be Cowboy head coach Jason Garrett right now.  Clearly, Jones sounded more frustrated after the New England loss about his coaching staff than at any point of the Garrett era. And he was just getting started.

Rest assured, Jones won’t be firing Garrett any time during the 2019 season, so our collective suffering could be far from over. Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan and fielded the point-blank question of whether or not he’s considering firing Garrett after blowing several opportunities to win the game.

“The answer is no, period,” Jones said.

There you have it, sports fans. But then again, no surprise. After all, what ails the Cowboys has not become terminal yet, even though Dallas has posted an 0-4 record against teams with a winning mark this season. In fact, it’s even conceivable the Cowboys could lose to the teams currently with a winning record remaining on their schedule — the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams — and still make the playoffs.

Remarkably, the Cowboys would not become the first team to pull off that feat. According to ESPN Stats & Information, there have been five teams in the Super Bowl era to make the postseason without beating a team with a winning record in the regular season: the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs (0-1), 2003 Seahawks (0-2), 1998 Arizona Cardinals (0-2), 1970 Cincinnati Bengals (0-2), 1969 Houston Oilers (0-3).

And even though Dallas has yet to beat a team with a winning record, the Cowboys remain favored in each of their final five games, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index. Despite losing to the Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints, Dallas’ chances of winning out look like this: Thursday vs. Buffalo — 78.6%; Dec. 5 at Chicago — 61.0%; Dec. 15 vs. Los Angeles Rams — 67.5%; Dec. 22 at Philadelphia — 52.8% and Dec. 29 vs. Washington — 94.0%.

Believe it or not, Dallas (6-5) remains alone at the top of the NFC East Division and continue to control their fate in the final five weeks of the season. But so far, the Cowboys have not passed any of their tests as another one awaits on Thanksgiving Day when the Buffalo Bills (8-3) visit AT&T Stadium for the traditional 3:30 p.m. kickoff.

So even though the prognosis still looks promising, why do long-suffering Dallas Cowboy fans everywhere feel like they’re staring straight into the abyss? Let me sum it up in three words.

Disappointment – sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfillment of one’s hopes and expectations.

Chagrin – distress or embarrassment at having failed or been humiliated.

Frustration – the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something, resulting in the prevention of progress , success, or fulfillment of something.

In other words, Dallas Cowboy Football.

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