FIELD OF DREAMS: Clifton renovates stadium with artificial turf

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CLIFTON – After months of work and anticipation, the Clifton Cubs are about to get their very own Field of Dreams.

With the artificial turf being rolled out at Clifton High School’s Cub Stadium last week, the final stage of renovations began.

With the project ahead its scheduled Aug. 22 completion date, the newly-renovated Cub Stadium will be ready in time for the upcoming Texas high school football season, specifically for the Cub home opener against Crawford on Senior Night Sept. 6.

“I’m thrilled that our district is providing this surface for our students,” Clifton athletic director and football head coach Chuck Caniford said. “The great thing about having a synthetic field is that we no longer have to worry about rain or overuse of the field. We can literally be on it all day, every day. That’s what it is designed for.

“I’m so happy for our kids and our community, and I’m excited about the opportunities it gives our students.”

Because of the soil content in the stadium, the contractors had to dig down 12 feet and begin moisture conditioning the soil back up to nine feet. To do so, they had to pull out a large area of soil, and begin moisture conditioning it as they put it back in.

Once they filled it back in up to the nine-foot level feet, they began mixing lime with the soil as they graded it back in to stabilize the soil, ensuring that there wouldn’t be any shifting. From there, they began working on the drainage system and the subgrade of the field. With that phase now completed, the contractors have started laying the turf. 

“It’s a pretty interesting process,” Caniford said. “It’s really exciting for us to watch this project take shape and think about all the opportunities that we will have that we haven’t in the past.”

Photos by BRETT VOSS

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